Fossils of West Virginia

Class: Crinoidea 
Age: Devonian/Silurian 
Keyser, Mineral County WV 
3.5 inches 
Owner: Robert Pyle 
Notes: These were attached to the bottom stem of the Crinoid and acted as a float. 

Ctenocrinus sp. 
Class: Crinoidea 
Age: Devonian 
Hardy County, WV 
about 4 inches high 
Owner: Tom Hay 
Notes: A near perfect calyx and stem 

Class: Blastoidea 
Age: Mississippian 
Mercer County, WV 
1.25 inches 
Owner: WVGES 
Notes: Pentremites is a genus of blastoid echinoderm that lived in the early Carboniferous. Its fossils are known from North America. 


Petrified or Fossil Wood 
Class: Plant 
Age: Pennsylvanian 
Randolph County, West Virginia 
9.6 x 4.3 inches 
Owner: Ken Clarke 
Notes: West Virginia has some of the best plant fossils in the world but true petrified wood in West Virginia is rare. To be classed as petrified, minerals must have replaced the cellular structure leaving i 

Cryptzoon proliferum 
Class: Algae 
Age: Cambrian 
Sheperdstown, WV 
12 inches across 
Owner: Marshall University 
Notes: Oldest Fossils In West Virginia 

Fossils of West Virginia Volume 1 
Vertebrates & Invertebrates 
Age: 2007 
8.5x11 inches 
Owner: by Dr. Hassan Amjad 
Notes: 544 pages full color 

Class: Amphibia 
Age: Permian / Dunkard 
Roane County, WV 
4.3 x 3 inches 
Owner: WVGS 
Notes: Very rare skull and only one known from West Virginia 

Early Amphibian 
Greererpeton burkemorani 
Class: Amphibia 
Age: Mississippian 
Greer, Monongalia County, WV 
7 x 5.5 inches 
Owner: WVGS 
Notes: This was a new genus & new species. 

Fossils of West Virginia Volume 2 
Fossil Plants 
Age: 2007 
8.5x11 inches 
Owner: by Dr. Hassan Amjad 
Notes: 350 pages full color 

Trace Fossil 
Class: Ichnofossils 
Age: Devonian 
Randolph County, WV 
1.5 inches 
Owner: Garton 
Notes: Very rare and unusual, Presumed to be a worm borrow 

Platygonus compressus 
Class: Mammalia 
Age: Pleistocene 
Monroe County, WV 
11 x 7.5 inches 
Owner: WVGS 
Notes: Skull & Complete Skeleton Carbon 14 Dates At 22,620 Years 

Trimerus vanuxemi (Hall) 
Class: Trilobita 
Age: Devonian 
Greenbrier County, WV 
5.5 x 2.4 inches 
Owner: WVGS 
Notes: One of the largest from the state. 

Ground Sloth Claws 
Megalonyx jeffersonii 
Class: Mammalia 
Age: Pleistocene 
Haynes Cave, Monroe County, WV 
260 mm x 150 mm 
Owner: WVGES (donated by Ray Garton) 
Notes: This specimen was described by Thomas Jefferson in 1799. 

Mastodon Tooth 
Mammut americanum 
Class: Mammalia 
Age: Pleistocene 
Bowden Cave, Randolph County, WV 
75mm x 70mm (3 in. x 2.8 in.) 
Owner: WVGES (donated by Ray Garton) 
Notes: Partial mastodon tooth. 

Woolly Mammoth Tooth 
Mammuthus primigenius (Blumenbach) 
Class: Mammalia 
Age: Pleistocene 
Little Creek, WV 
240 mm x 90 mm x 175 mm (9.5 in x 3.5 in x 6.9 in) 
Owner: WVGES (donated by WVU Geology Dept. 
Notes: Large, well-preserved woolly mammoth tooth. 

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