New Bird-Like Dinosaur Related to Archaeopteryx

A new fossil dinosaur skeleton from China has revised the history of bird evolution. Again. The new dinosaur, Aurornis xui, appears to be related to Archaeopteryx. What's more, the wel...Read More

Three Feathered Tyrannosaurs Discovered

Scientists today announced the spectacular find of three new feathered tyrannosaur skeletons, recently unearthed in China. While smaller than T. rex, the animals are the largest feathered dinosaurs (a...Read More

Woolly Mammoth DNA Adapted for Ice Age Survival

Genetics researchers may not clone a woolly mammoth any time soon but they are learning much about the ice age creatures by studying their DNA. One recent study sequenced the gene for mammoth hemoglob...Read More

Rare Find: Three New Dinosaurs From Australia

Australia has historically not been a great place to find dinosaur skeletons. In fact, it's been almost 30 years since the last large skeleton was discovered, making the recent finding of three new di...Read More

Flute Belonged to Early Humans

New evidence shows humans ancestors from 30,000 years ago were musically proficient. Three flutes from this time period were recently recovered from a cave in Germany. One of the flutes was made from ...Read More

Jurassic Dino Provides Clues to Bird Wing Evolution

A team lead by Chinese paleontologist Xing XU has announced a new dinosaur skeleton from the Gobi Desert. The 155 million year old skeleton may be a link between dinosaurs and birds. S...Read More

Hobbit-Like Human Ancestor Found

In 2004 scientists discovered a small human ancestor on the Indonesian island of Flores. The remains dated about 12,000 years old. Debate has raged about the position of this species in the human fami...Read More

Evolution Can Occur in Less Than Ten Years

How fast can evolution take place? In just a few years, according to a new study on guppies led by UC Riversides Swanne Gordon, a graduate student in biology. Gordon and her colleagues...Read More

Gigantic Trilobite Fossils Found in Portugal

Scientists recently announced the discovery of the largest Trilobites ever seen. Trilobites were primitive marine arthropods distantly related to modern-day horseshoe crabs. They lived for millions of...Read More

Woolly Mammoth DNA Sequenced

For the first time, scientists have mapped most of the genetic code of an extinct animal. Researchers from Penn State University today announced they have decoded about eighty percent of the woolly ma...Read More


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Blog: Evolution Planet

Growing up I was taught that the universe and everything in it was created in six days around six thousand years ago. Today, it astounds me to look at the natural world and try to comprehend how it could make sense outside of an evolutionary framework...Read more at

Dino Field Guide: Tyrannosaurus rex

Tons of information about Tyrannosaurus rex, the king of dinosaurs.

Dino Field Guide: Velociraptor

Learn all about Velociraptor, the "killing-claw" predator.

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Suchomimus: The dinosaur with a Crocodile Skull

Suchomimus was a cousin to Spinosaurus, the dinosaur of Jurassic Park fame. Both animals had unusually long skulls with jaws full of teeth. Paleontologist Paul Sereno lead a team to Africa where they uncovered a Suchomimus skeleton.

Paleo Artist Karen Carr

Journey back in time with natural history artist Karen Carr. Her work includes dinosaur and ice age animal paintings and can be seen in world-famous natural history museums.

Rock Layers: Timeline of Life on Earth

Evolution is a complicated subject. While everybody understands that black bears are related to grizzly bears and we can even figure they are related to extinct bears, lots of people wonder how sc...Read More

Your Very Own Time Machine

Your Very Own Time Machine: Buying Your First Telescope Yes, telescopes let you literally see back in time. From light years in the case of the nearest stars, to millions and b...Read More

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2022 Morgantown Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show, August 27-28, 2022
2022 Morgantown Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show, August 27-28, 2022   
Massive 6 7/8 Inch Megalodon (Otodus megalodon) tooth
Massive 6 7/8 Inch Megalodon (Otodus megalodon) tooth   
Velociraptor slashing & killing claw
Velociraptor slashing & killing claw   
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